Can’t blame Song Kangsong,It’s you you might think so。

Song Litao nodded,Be the default。
But his brows are still frowning,No solution to the company scandal,Now I don’t even know who the opponent is,What do you do!
“dad,Why don’t you ask Uncle Sun??See what he can do。”Song Kangsong suggested。
Song Litao heard the words,Eyes suddenly light up。
Yes indeed,Why forgot this person,He patted his forehead,Then he gave his son an admiring look,Swipe the phone that has not been put down,Called Sun Yongli。
As soon as the call is connected,Sun Yongli’s voice came:“Brother,What’s the matter with calling me so early?”
“Lige,Something big,Something happened to my company……”
Song Litao and Sun Yongli have a very good relationship,So no courtesy,Tell the matter directly,Finally humbly ask:“Lige,what should I do now。”
“Yu Ming, this kid。”
Sun Yongli’s relaxed laughter came over the phone:“Wait for my news,I called Yu Ming!”
Finished,Sun Yongli hung up。
Song Litao can still laugh when he hears Sun Yongli,Know that things should be resolved,My brows are stretched out。
the other side,rCity TV station director Yu Ming just finished his wife’s breakfast,Humming a little song,ready to go out,Drive to work。
His mood is not normal,Receive a million without risk,Maybe they will be appreciated by the leaders,Peaceful pace。
After picking up the car key on the table,His phone rang。
Look at the phone number,His brows can’t help but frown。
“Boss Sun,Morning。”
He knows Sun Yongli,Also worked for the other party,It’s also to cover up some of the other company’s problems,Don’t let the reporter under his hand burst out。

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