Washing your face every day is really right-five tips to teach you how to wash your face and whiten it


Is it right to wash your face every day?

Five tips to teach you how to wash your face and whiten

Washing your face every day is a necessary skin cleansing task, but have you ever thought about washing your face while whitening it?

As the saying goes, “One hides one hundred ugly.” For the darker skin of some girls, if you wash your face to whiten it, you get two good results.

Today, I introduce these five face washing techniques, teach you how to wash your face and make it easy to whiten . Honey face washing: The effect of honey moisturizing and beauty, adding a little bee to the water every day when washing your face, long-term persistence can make your skin 10 years younger.

Honey is as thick as fat, sweet and pure, clean and free of impurities. For people with dry skin, you can pour a small amount of honey into your face wash water to wash your face.

Want the skin to fully absorb the nutrients in honey, without hindering the face while gently patting with your hands.

In the long run, the problem of dry skin will not be with the perfusionist.

  Honey is a nutritious natural nourishing food and one of the most commonly used tonics.

The main ingredient is sugar, of which 60%?
80% is glucose and fructose that are easily absorbed by the human body. It contains a variety of inorganic salts and vitamins close to the human serum concentration, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and other organic acids and trace elements beneficial to human health, andFructose, glucose, amylase, oxidase, reductase, etc., have the effects of nourishing, moisturizing, detoxifying, whitening and beauty, moisturizing intestines and laxative.

Dry skin in winter. Apply honey to the skin after mixing with water to prevent dryness. Use honey instead of anti-crack cream.

It can be used on the face, or on or off, moisturizing, and whitening!

Absolutely authentic!

  White Vinegar Washing Face: Vinegar is a good thing in itself.

Drinking vinegar regularly can improve fatigue and soften blood vessels.

Pure natural brewing, containing amino acids, vitamins, acetic acid and organic acids and other nutrients, tastes sweet and has health effects.

As everyone knows, washing your face with vinegar is also a master of purifying the skin!

If you want your skin to remain smooth and elastic, you can wash your face with vinegar.

Just add a bit of vinegar to the face wash water, and use it for washing your face after adjusting. It can change the pH of the facial skin, thereby preventing facial acne, and the long-term use of whitening effect is significant.

  Tea face washing: For female white-collar workers who have to deal with computers all day, facial care needs to pay special attention to radiation protection measures.

Every morning and evening before washing your face, add a small amount of green tea to the water to achieve anti-radiation, prevent skin dryness, and reduce pores.

Drinking green tea often can prevent cancer, lower blood lipids, and prevent computer radiation.

Smokers can reduce nicotine damage.

Green tea has good antioxidant and sedative effects, which can reduce fatigue.

  Green tea contains vitamin C and flavonoids. Among them, flavonoids can enhance the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. This flavonoid is also a precious nutrient, so washing it with your face to maintain skin whitening can be described as a precious product.

Clean skin, replenish water and control oil, reduce acne marks, and promote skin damage recovery.

Containing natural substances, it has many special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, etc., which is beyond the reach of other teas.

  Hand soap washing: Compared with ordinary soap, handmade soap contains a large amount of glycerin, which has a good moisturizing effect and is very gentle on the skin.

The use of natural vegetable oils and natural ingredients, plus glycerol, which is not easily extracted, is not only healthier, but also has a moisturizing effect that is unmatched by ordinary soaps.

Organic Rose Essential Oil Soap Cleansing Handmade Soap is a highly hygroscopic moisturizing agent. When rubbed on the skin, it can form a layer of glycerin film, instead of invading the air, making the moisture in the skin difficult to evaporate.

Initially absorb the moisture in the air to moisturize the skin, thereby effectively preventing the skin from cracking.

The white and white face is what everyone dreams of, so you can pamper yourself a little more. Handmade soap is added with precious rose essential oil and flowers, and then added with vitamin E, jojoba oil and other special moisturizing oils.Take care of your delicate and white skin!

  Milk Washing Face: Pure milk is one of the oldest natural beverages.

The nutritional content of milk is very high, and the mineral types in milk are also very rich. In addition to the calcium we cause, the content of phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and molybdenum is many.

The most rare thing is that milk is the best source of human calcium, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is very suitable, which is beneficial to the absorption of calcium.

There are at least 100 kinds of complex species. The main ingredients are water, trace amounts, phospholipids, proteins, lactose, and inorganic salts.

  Vitamin D in milk can prevent skin dryness and dullness, and make skin fair and shiny.

It also contains a large amount of B2, which can promote the metabolism of the skin. The whey has the effect of eliminating melanin, can avoid spots caused by various pigmentation, can provide closed oil for the skin, and form a film to prevent skin moisture from evaporating.Provides moisture temporarily to ensure smooth and moisturized skin.
Therefore, milk is a good cosmetic product on the spot. It is excellent for washing face, taking facial masks, whitening and moisturizing, and purifying skin.
Wash your face with milk and help you to be an elegant white beauty!

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