Loving couple admiring

Loving couple admiring

“He is willing to be a wing bird in the sky, he is willing to be a branch in the earth”, “of which he died at the age of 97, and he waited for three years on the bridge”.

These eternal chants of the population have revealed the true meaning of family life: husbands and wives need love, and husbands and wives should love.

However, how can a husband and wife be loving?

  Legend has it that the younger sister Su Dongpo, the literary writer of the Song Dynasty, was born with elegance and beauty, no vulgar charm, and clever.

On the wedding night, Qin Guan was about to be happy, but was blocked by the young girl.

The little girl came out with several problems, asking Qin Guan to answer, and when she answered correctly, she was allowed to enter the cave.

Although Qin Guan was quick-thinking, it was not until the Drum Tower 3 drums that she answered all of her little girl’s problems and was allowed to enter the incense room.

After marriage, Qin Guan’s couple of poems came and went, and the husband and wife sang peacefully, admiring each other, and feeling affectionately.

In the end, the young girl died before Qin Guan, Qin Guan missed it, and never remarried for life.

This episode was written by future generations as the wake-up speech, which is the famous “Su Xiaomei’s Trilemma”.

  It can be seen that the ancients had long understood the love of husband and wife.

To be a husband or wife, be rich or poor, appreciate each other.

Only deep appreciation can deepen affection, and the deeper the love, the more things we appreciate each other.

Appreciating the other person is not necessarily the other person’s talents, because the talents have high and low, and the beauty always disappears.

Appreciation should be multi-faceted, gentle in nature, familiar with each other, hard-working and down-to-earth, or humorous and humorous, as long as they are good at tapping each other’s strengths, couples can appreciate each other.

Of course, both husband and wife need to pay attention to their own cultivation, so that they have “material” to attract each other.

  Appreciation also requires mutual tolerance, love a person, not only love his (her) advantages, but not tolerate the other party’s flaws.

We appreciate the nobility and elegance of the goddess Venus, and tolerate her broken arm. The art is still so, let alone a living person!

Some subtle shortcomings can actually set off the true advantages.

As the saying goes, “No gold is enough, no man is perfect.

“The appreciation of husband and wife is mutual. Only one party appreciates one party, but the other party is indifferent. Where can we talk about the love of husband and wife?

Even if there is no marital change, it is just an animal instinct to maintain.

  The mutual appreciation of husband and wife is sometimes painful and tortuous.

Not long ago, a friend of mine remarried, and his remarriage made me deeply moved.

The friend is considerate and affectionate towards his wife.

His wife is very active. She left the teacher’s job a few years ago and followed others to “go to the sea” to do business. Instead of making money, she owed a butt debt. My friend said nothing and silently helped her pay offdebt.

For his business, his wife broke into trouble and threw away a young daughter at home. My friend was both a father and a mother. He shoved his daughter with a poop of urine.

But in the end, his wife suspected that her husband was just a clerk and he had to divorce him.

Helpless, my friend had to break up with her “peacefully”.

After my divorce, my friend still cared about her life.

When she knew that she was running out of business for business, she stewed tonics every Sunday and asked her daughter to send her food; when he knew she was sick and hospitalized, he took time off to wait in front of the bed.

I used to ask this friend, what does she admire?

He replied without hesitation: “She is straightforward and has no bad eyes, don’t look at her divorcing me, in fact she can’t do without me.

“The Emperor is worthy of someone with a heart.” When a Hong Kong business man was chasing after her and wanted to accept her as a “second wife,” she rationally rejected the Hong Kong businessmen’s request and gave up the superior material enjoyment that lacked self-esteem, Resolutely decided to remarry with my friend.

When I asked her why she wanted to remarry, she replied shyly: “I just realized now that only he is the most worthy of my love.

“Looking at the kindness of her little bird leaning next to my friend like a human, I think it was mutual appreciation that brought them back together again.

Although this appreciation comes with a bitter bitterness, after all, they finally understand what is true love.

Friends, do you know how to appreciate your lover in life?

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