Let him listen to you heartily

Let him listen to you heartily

Once the upside-down black and white routine logic is confused, people’s thinking will be wrong and lose their ability to judge. This is a common psychological characteristic of people.

Sophistry with the purpose of breaking through the logical thinking structure of the other party should not be restricted by conventional logic.

  The use of legitimate names always has the magic of giving hope, stimulating the desire for fame, and inspiring the desire for a new life.

It has an inspiring effect on those who regret and those who are looking for the goal of struggle.

  Using numbers to increase credibility Even if it is unbelievable and persuasive content, as long as specific statistical data “based on surveys and objective facts” are listed, credibility can be greatly improved, because many people are superstitious about data.

Remember, it’s best to be accurate to a decimal point, such as “99.


  Refuting theories with facts When opposing parties propose a theory, they refute with specific facts.

Because people who are more expert theories lack more concrete materials, this should be refuted by facts.

  Don’t be greedy for small losses, there is a saying that “picks sesame seeds and loses watermelon”, which is likened to small gains and loses a lot.

Sometimes it is necessary to take the initiative to throw away the sesame seeds.

If you only care about avoiding the loss in front of your eyes, it may lead to large losses that cannot be compensated in the future.

It is possible to lose some of the benefits at hand, the so-called greed and loss.

So have the courage to lose sesame seeds.

  Although revealing its shortcomings is a discussion, once it is upgraded to the distortion of the approximate angle, it is difficult to understand the solution.

At this time, coupled with the use of proper language for theory, it is better to directly attack the opponent’s body, ability, and local defects.

Although this method is a bit despicable, if you don’t advance in the beginning, you will retreat, and winning is the most important.

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