So you don’t have to spend money!

They thought well,Su Rou。Now I was dragged to go on a blind date。
But Su Rou is really unwilling,If she accepts this kind of life,Why did she come to the city in the first place?Wouldn’t it be fine to stay in the village??
Wang Mengmeng spoke at this moment,“If you can’t refuse,Just tell them you have a boyfriend!”
When it comes to this noun,Su Rou looked at Qin Feng。The latter froze for a while,Why do you look at me when you say boyfriend?Am I your boyfriend in your heart??But I already have Jiang Yan,If one more Su Rou.It doesn’t seem to be bad!
Thought of here,Qin Feng looks like a pig brother。Just barely drooling!
Su Rou slapped on Qin Feng’s thigh,The latter shivered directly。
“What are you doing!”
“Humph,What are you thinking about again?Look at your wretched look!Moisturize!”Su Rou was dissatisfied。
Qin Feng wiped his mouth obediently,But at this moment he feels fooled。Wiping your mouth does not prove that the other party was right. He was drooling just now?
No way,I can’t admit it!
Su Rou didn’t pursue this matter,Looking at Qin Fengdao,“Do you want to pretend to be my boyfriend again?But this time there is a request,That means you are rich on the surface!Correct,Just do more money!If my parents see you have money,Won’t let me go on a blind date again。”
After all, when her parents called her before, they said the blind date was a cadre in a certain village。Otherwise, they raise pigs next door,Earn hundreds of thousands a year。
So as long as Qin Feng behaves 100 times richer than those who raise pigs and village cadres。Then my parents must have nothing to say。I definitely won’t force her to go back for a blind date。
“that,Am I going to accompany you to find your parents?”Qin Feng doubted。
“No need to,Wait for them to come by themselves!”Su Rou is also a temperamental person,I feel that my parents are too much worshipping money。But after all, his parents,As long as it’s not too much, it’s acceptable。Besides,Now they live in a villa,How much can the parents at home look at。

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