“Mr. Tian,This is not good.,Ajie is a show that our company has strongly cultivated,If it is taken away by the Tiantian Group,That is big.。”

After chatting,High manager enters the topic,I have visited the luxury housing outside the outside.。
“High manager,Not,I recently changed to do real estate.,In the past, the wind and water layout is already unsuitable.。”
Elegant on the second floor of the big house,Tian Weiqiang lights the cigar:“I listen to my friends.,You are professional,This time I can help me make a good place.。”
“Please rest assured this.,Our company word of mouth has always been very good,Never neglect any customer,If you are not satisfied,We do not receive。”
High manager makes it,Continue to say:“Mr. Tian,About this large room,For me personally,Murderous is too strong,Not conducive to Guangna。”
“Be right,I think so。”
Tian Weiqiang nodded,Two floors in the big house,Many samurai knives hanging on the wall,Very unreasonable, the identity of his businessman。
“There is also,This big house ventilation、Not enough lighting。”
High manager talks:“Feng Shui has a cloud:Yin and yang,Heaven and earth。Light、Darkness,Yin and Yang balance can be growing。Housewide wants yin and yang balance,Reasonable ventilation is essential”
“Yang is full,Finance;Flush,Suffering。Only grasp the balance,Can be fortunate,Body is good”
High manager eloquence is excellent,A set of theory is actually,Let Tian Weiqiang nod。
Two people talk about two hours,Tian Weiqiang is very satisfied with the proposed changes proposed by the high manager.,Waiting for design drawings now,Just confirm confirmation,The big house can be re-decorated。
Liao Wenjie only heard it,Don’t understand, don’t understand,Nothing is very beautiful,It is not easy to understand,Forced to express your existence,I will make a joke。
“High manager,Not talk nonsense,I will give you this large house.,Put the drawings as soon as possible,I also borrow the wind and water.。”
“Mr. Tian said again,Your Fu Xinghao,Even if there is no such sea in this large house,It will also be financially。”
Tian Weiqiang is laughing,Suddenly the outside garden is called a sound,Soon, you have no jarous to the main entrance。
He is not getting up,I saw a man in the lobby.,Hand grip,After scaring a younger brother, I didn’t dare to close.。
“Tian Weiqiang,You give me out!Hurry and put my brother.,Otherwise, today!”
Holding a man is making a hand,The same is the same as Tian Weiqiang,And Liao Wenjie has a fate of the bathroom。
Put together、There is still a striking sea,Brother three people live,Relying on the Pok Meng。The first two in the hotel,Stolen a negative film for Tian Weiqiang’s relationship,Once this film is obtained by the police,He raises more lawyers,Also unable to kneel in the prison。
Faced with Tian Weiqiang’s championship,Conversion is very panic,Prepare to give the film to the police,Delicious pain, but ghost,And take care of the sea,Decisive insurance, seeking a lot of money。
They threaten Tian Weiqiang with the film,Request 10 million as a labor fee。
What is Tian Weiqiang?,When he kills people,Three brothers are still wearing a pair of trousers,How can it be placed by them?。
Reasonable,Say bitterness is killed,Spare pain is entered into the basement。
Enrigerate,Rush into the large house with a film,The brothers died one,Be caught one,He also hurts the life to save the except.。
Seeing that there is a gun and a hand thunder,High manager’s face,Liao Wenjie also exposed a panic expression in time。
“Don’t be afraid of two,A madman,Waiting for you,I will come.。”
Tian Weiqiang huh, huh,A side of the class:“Funeral nine,You have lost two gentlemen sitting for a while,Honest,Not oluntary。”
“OK,Big brother。”

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