Even when Su Xuehen saw Zhao Lingshuang,Can’t help but frown,A rare sense of anxiety in my heart。

Not to mention those little sisters in the first year of high school,Even more under the aura of the opponent,I don’t even have the courage to step forward。
Not only the students in the second year of high school feel strange,Even high school seniors are equally surprised。
Zhao Lingshuang’s position in this school is undoubtedly unique,She has long been recognized as a genius different from ordinary students,And the family is strong,Belongs to the proud girl of heaven among the children of Liufang。
Even she took the initiative to talk to Lu Menglin,Is it really the goddess’ favor,Moved everywhere?
not far away,Chen Guanfeng saw this scene,Suddenly angered,Ten fingers pinched deeply into the palm。
Although Zhao Lingshuang is in the third year of high school,But that’s even Chen Guanfeng sighs differently,Unwilling,I don’t dare to provoke existence。
By comparison,Su Xuehen belongs to Chen Guanfeng’s heart,Girls who are confident to win,And Zhao Lingshuang is so strong that he doesn’t even dare to think of anything.。
And at the moment,Zhao Lingshuang actually appeared in front of Su Menglin on his own initiative,And it’s still warm,This clearly shows that it was another stabbing in the hearts of Chen Guanfeng and others,Lose face。
The Five Tigers finally tasted the bitterness of being a loser,And brought them all,It’s that damn Lu Menglin。
Facing the sudden arrival of Zhao Lingshuang, the proud daughter of heaven,Of course Lu Menglin wouldn’t think she fell in love with herself,Still keep enough vigilance inside。
but,On the surface, Lu Menglin had no intention of offending her,Nodded,Took the soda。
“Thank you sister!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。

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