Unexpectedly, he just reached out,Fu Xiaoyi falls forward,Qin Feng held Fu Xiaoyi’s brother with one hand。

after that,The heart is pounding,I always thought this team had fake breasts,Unexpectedly, it is genuine,Childish。
Fu Xiaoyi,I don’t know it’s the effect of alcohol,Still what,Actually snorted,Nothing happens。
Qin Feng,Not loosen,Not holding,For two people,Freeze there。
“No more,No more,Your wish,I may not satisfy you。”For a moment, Fu Xiaoyi straightened up and said,And Qin Feng also withdrew his hand by the way。
Qin Feng just took it back,Fu Xiaoyi has another unstable center of gravity,Fell directly on Qin Feng。
Due to inertia,Plus Qin Feng didn’t prepare,The two fell to the ground together。
It doesn’t matter if you fall,Almost killed Qin Feng。
Coincidence,Fu Xiaoyi just sat where he shouldn’t sit,Qin Feng wanted to scold his mother so painfully。
Fu Xiaoyi,I feel like I was pushed by something,painful“Damn”Bang,Stood up quickly。
Qin Feng was not in a hurry,But secretly comforted,Until I feel more majestic,Angrily, he stood up in peace。
Fortunately, in the bar,Although it is daytime,But the atmosphere in the bar is the same as at night。
Indoor darkness,Although there are flashing lights,But I can’t see the situation at all,And the sound in the bar is noisy,No one noticed the situation here。
“Are you OK?”Fu Xiaoyi rubbed her ass,While asking。
Although his face flushed,,But Qin Feng knew,She hasn’t figured out the situation now,Blush,It’s all because of alcohol,And made myself fall,And feel embarrassed。
“Nothing。”Qin Feng thought,It’s okay,If something happens, it’s over,I didn’t become a father,Became father-in-law。
But who can be blamed?,I can only blame myself for being too young,Too much energy。

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