“Lightning Walk!”

The disappearing figure appeared in Jiuyoumang’s most vulnerable seven inches,Zanglong turned into sword light and slashed directly on it。
Blade contact with scales,Huge sparks,Xia Chenglong’s body was instantly bounced away,Slide out a few meters after landing。
As for that guy,The violent blow just left a two-meter-long sword mark on the scales,And this kind of sword mark is disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye。
“OK,It’s not something you can handle now,Release the guy you sealed!”Mr. Bai said silently in his body。
The other party naturally understands Xia Chenglong,Know he is greedy,Want to try,But the result is naturally a severe blow。
If not using“One sword”,I’m afraid it will be difficult to influence the other party,But now is not the time to use the aura-consuming martial arts。
The seal Bai Lao said is still the ancient Jiao Mang at the hilt of Zanglong’s sword,That guy was framed by Xia Chenglong before,Let the opponent out on the grounds of freedom,Thus successfully blocked the attack of Earth Flame Lotus Heart。
Finally, when the opponent was weak, sealed again,That’s why that guy made a big fuss after waking up,Almost broke the seal。
But unfortunately, its body has been burned by the heart of the lotus flower last time.,It’s just a soul now。
Even so, it still has a strong presence。
When certain spirit beasts reach a certain level,Their souls will live forever,The premise is that it is not discovered by other powerful beasts or people。

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