Where’s Chen Geng?

Although I don’t know what his monthly income is,But didn’t the Americans say it?,He is worth six or seven billion dollars,And these newspapers also said,Buy this plane for tax deduction、Some ordinary use expenses can also be tax deductible……
Geng Shaojie has to admit that Secretary Liu’s words make sense,That is:Although it hurts,But for Chen Geng,It’s really not more difficult for him to buy this plane than to buy a bicycle by himself、More stressful……Geng Shaojie suddenly raised something in his heart“Everyone is human,Are all carrying a head on their shoulders,Why is the gap so big??”a feeling of。
Secretary Liu did not notice the change in Geng Shaojie’s expression,Instead, he turned his head and said to Liu Shouhua:“Director Liu,I think for FAW,This is actually a good thing。”
Liu Shouhua is actually a bit uncomfortable with Chen Geng’s actions,Probably because Chen Geng is Chinese,He subconsciously felt that Chen Geng’s approach was too high-profile,Doesn’t meet the low-key requirements in the Chinese tradition,You can listen to Secretary Liu talking about what is good for FAW,A little thought was instantly thrown away by him,Asked quickly:“Ok?Secretary Liu,What do you say?”
“Very simple,I can buy such an expensive plane as my own private jet,It shows the strength of Mr. Chen……Some time ago, Mr. Hammer from the United States visited our country,Do you know this?”Secretary Liu has changed the topic,Suddenly asked Liu Shouhua。
“Ok,I know。”
The richest American Hamer went to China in the third month after the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States.,But even《Mass daily》Have given a long report,As the leader of the core central enterprises,How could Liu Shouhua not know?But he is a little strange,Secretary Liu suddenly mentioned what Mr. Hammer did for no reason?
Secretary Liu gave a mysterious smile:“When Mr. Hammer went to our country,Is on his own private Boeing727To go……Ok,Boeing727Similar to trident,Three engines behind。”
There is such a thing?!
Hamer came here on his own private jet?!
Liu Shouhua was scared,His subconscious way:“Our country does not allow……”
“There is such a rule,But Mr. Hamer’s flight was personally approved by the elderly,”Without waiting for Liu Shouhua to finish,Secretary Liu said:“Our embassy also assisted in some formalities。”
Liu Shouhua was shocked and didn’t know what to say,Froze for a while,He suddenly reacted:Hamer is not the point of Hamer,It has nothing to do with FAW,But Chen Geng is the point,Secretary Liu’s reminder,Chen Geng is so strong,Not onlyAMCThe boss,And he is a top international car designer,If he is willing to help FAW build the Hongqi car brand,Red flag becomes“Benz of the East”Isn’t it just around the corner?

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