Dean Huo explained。

“President Hu,Please give me another chance……I just see Miss Jiang being bored in the ward,That’s why I wanted to take her out for a walk!”
Shi Chen quickly said。
The eyes are full of horror!
He didn’t expect,Mr. Hu actually came here in person。
He thought he could make a fool of it。
There is no chance!
“Needless to say!I remember you should be following up on a project……Why did you follow up to the hospital??”Hu Yongchang coldly said。
Working hours。
Leave without permission!
This is one piece!
And made Jiang Waner’s condition worse,This is the second!
Even if Hu Yongchang wants to keep him,Jiang Yiyun asked,He is not easy to explain。
“Dare not,I don’t dare anymore!”
Shi Chen begged for mercy。
“Go back to go through the resignation procedures!your business,I will let others follow up!”
Hu Yongchang ordered。
Very cold tone!
right now,There is no other possibility。
“President Hu……”

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