so now,When Wei Zhong raised his head and looked in front of him。

Actually here,Wei Zhong was still talking:“what is the problem,Take what you know,Say it all out。”
Even dead,Wei Zhong also needs to know,Their side,How did you die,if not,Wei Zhong himself,Even more trouble sleeping。
And over the phone,As if I fully understand,All this,I said it all。
Now,Wei Zhong’s heart,Is very anxious。
How can this be?
Wei Zhong gritted his teeth,My face suddenly became a little ugly。
“Damn bastard,Actually this matter,It shouldn’t be like this。”
Wei Zhong’s sight moved slightly,Directly in front of my eyes,Speak directly。
And now that this has happened,That can only explain one point,Wei Shasha is coming soon。
“boss,what happened?”
people around me,Don’t know what happened,Seeing Wei Zhong in such a hurry,Hurriedly asked。
Where’s Wei Zhong,I don’t care about it now,I must let my men,All active。
So here,Wei Zhong took a look,He waved his hand to this side。
“right now,Not much to say,People who make you right away,Hurry up and prepare for me。”
“Let them ensure my safety,If I die,Don’t think of anything until then。”
When Wei Zhong is here,People around are very anxious,Went out to make arrangements。
After all, if this matter is not arranged as soon as possible,So those benefits that Wei Zhong promised them before,Also all in vain。
And Wei Zhong himself,Look in front of you。

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