Because there is no supreme artifact,It’s hard for Ove to kill these two。

However, Ove hides too deeply。
Just like the ruin master Utreid and the death master Lilith,Vivia, the master of life, secretly alliance,Against Off。
Off is more proactive,Go straight into hell and fight Utrede,This battle,Utrede fiasco,His spear of destruction fell on Ove,But there is no way to hurt him。
Only then did he know,It turns out that Off has a supreme material defense artifact。
Like in the upper gods,For material attacks、defense,And the spirits of the three main artifacts such as soul defense,Almost impossible to kill。Unless the realm of this god is really too low,No resistance at all,Dzogchen is separated by one percent of the main artifact,One thousandth of the scattered force can severely damage or kill it。Otherwise, Dzogchen will at best ban it into the turbulence of space.。
And this is how Off,Three supreme artifacts,No flaws。And on its own strength,He is the master of destruction,It’s almost the difference between a Dzogchen and the most top-notch palace master commander level powerhouse。
Maybe on the trick,Have communicated with Wright a lot,The upgraded version of Utrede that has been secretly studied several times‘Time and Space Disorder’Not inferior to Off。But Off’s willpower is a hundred times stronger than Utrede。
A peak palace master with three main artifacts may barely be able to save his life in front of Dzogchen,But if the reverse,Only one palace master who attacked the main artifact faced a Dzogchen with three main artifacts—Then only despair is left。
The terrible life born as hell,A rare Dzogchen existence in the main god,Utrecht has its own pride,Not desperate,It’s a crazy fight with Ove,But the hard power gap cannot be made up by crazy。Just played for a few minutes,He was badly injured by Ove and vomited blood,Fortunately, his body is comparable to the main artifact,Extremely hard,Can barely resist several tricks。
Seeing Utrede is about to be killed,The two masters of death and life arrived in time。
Refining the power of death dominates the will of the godhead of the water element is also equivalent to the dominance of Dzogchen,And the master of life also exposed her amazing strength to step into Dzogchen。
These two masters may be far less than the two masters of fate and destruction.,But when the two join hands,Use special talents to stack strength,Explode terrible strength,Abruptly blocked Off’s material attack,Saved Utrede’s life。
But even so,These three teamed up were also defeated by Ove—After all, their attack is meaningless to Off,And if Off’s attack is not taken,,At least all seriously injured。
And reached Wright’s ears,It’s been news three days ago。
Whether to shoot,Wright also thought。
After all, stay in the Magnolia continent,It is also absolutely safe,But that’s the same as when Beirut was trapped in Magnolia by Augusta,No freedom at all。
not to mention,Lilith, the lord of death, and Vivia, the lord of life, are also his allies。Although Utreid, the Destroyer Master, played against,But there are also many exchanges later,Although not a friend,But also like-minded people。
Wright really can’t watch them get killed by Ove。not to mention,Wright is also certain。
Take the green life gun from the space ring,Brush gently,He has not used this gun for hundreds of billions of years。

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