With his current strength,Hundreds of people can’t get close to him。

“You say you,”I haven’t waited for Wang Xiner to finish。
“Who,Who,Who,Dare to bully my baby,”There appeared a man of five big and three rough,A group of security guards followed。
“This,”Qin Hao doubts,I immediately understood Wang Xin’er’s face。
Dare to love this brother Wang Xiner said,It turned out to be a lover relationship。
People in this city really know how to play,This sentence suddenly appeared in Qin Hao’s heart。
“Who,Is Xiao Bai Lian you??Not white,”I want to grab Qin Hao’s collar as soon as I finish speaking。
Qin Hao stretched his leg,The man just stepped back。
“court death,Don’t ask me who I am talking about,Dare to fight back,You teach him a lesson。”
“Yes,”His followers come from all directions。
“Big brother,you,”Wang Xiner still wants to persuade,But looking at the situation now,He doesn’t know how to talk anymore。
Qin Hao was also amused by this scene,The strength on the feet is slightly controlled。
“Bang bang,”Both feet directly kicked the person from the right onto the wall on the right。
“calm,”At this time, a man in a suit and leather shoes hurried over。
“Liu Chao,From now on,You are fired,Leave here now,”This person immediately said。
“You all got fired。”
I haven’t waited for Liu Chao to react,This person pulled up the phone directly。
“I’ll call the police if you don’t leave,”Then Liu Chao stared at Qin Hao viciously and left.。

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