Qiao Tianyu realized that something was wrong,Hurry up and look out of the car,As a result, I saw a huge ship docked in the Persian Gulf not far away.。

And these big ships are much bigger than the average ships you see in the ordinary day,Almost like a giant aircraft carrier。
Qiao Tianyu saw the shock,Just saw so many troops and large transport aircraft at Dubai Airport at noon,I saw so many big ships in the afternoon,Certainly not a coincidence,Is there something going to happen recently?
What made Qiao Tianyu just unbelievable was,When they took the business class, they took a turn along the coastal road,When less than one meter away from the coast,Qiao Tianyu suddenly saw the big ships,All the flags of China are hung。
It turned out to be China’s big ship.
First0149chapter Gold trading
“Tianyu,what happened?”
Qiao Tianyu, who was sleepy on the side, was also awakened by the little fat face and Qiao Tianyu,He glanced out vaguely,“Oh,Is China’s crude oil carrier。”
But I don’t seem surprised to see the reaction,Obviously he should know what’s going on。
Qiao Tianyu sees it,Hurriedly grabbed Qiao Dahua,Ask him what happened to these Chinese crude oil ships,How come so many all at once。
“Hi,What’s so strange about this。”Geo Dahua said lightly,“Recent international oil prices have plummeted,by23The dollar fell to12USD,Oil-deficient countries look at the timing,Sent crude oil ships to the Middle East to pull oil。”
“Oh oh,So that’s what happened。”Qiao Tianyu nodded,It seems to be just ordinary international oil trade,He thinks too much。
Everyone knows,The Middle East is extremely rich in oil resources,Is the world’s oil depot,Organization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesOPECRelated statistics display,The oil reserves in the Middle East account for the world’s proven reserves61.5%,The total amount is approximately7420Billion barrels(Approximate1002Billion tons)。
The countries surrounding the Persian Gulf are also the places where the largest oil producing countries in the world are concentrated.,Of which Saudi Arabia、Iran、Iraq、Kuwait、The UAE’s oil reserves rank second to sixth in the world。
Dubai is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf,A natural deep-water port,Convenient to dock hundreds of thousands of tons of giant ships,So countless black gold every year–Oil is loaded from here,Ship to all parts of the world,This also established the status of Dubai’s oil export center。
Huaxia,Although many large oil fields have been surveyed in China in recent years,But oil production has not been high,Coupled with the rapid economic growth after opening up,The surge in demand for petroleum products,Therefore, every year from Russia、The Middle East and other countries import large amounts of crude oil。

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