People in the city want to go out.!

Let her go!
Zhou Ye has begun to complain in my heart.,This damn access control,Not a mess??
Although He Non is long and beautiful,Body and comfort,But now I know that I know myself to resist.,Can he not talk about love?。
But he thinks this ban,Suddenly I felt that some didn’t。
Heno is still lying on the couch,The slender white legs exudes a tempting atmosphere in the sun.。
It is also this time, Yeswu discovered her leg.……Such as a white。
But the evil idea is just a moment in your mind.,Zhou Yewu smashed him personally。
“You sleep in my bed at night.,I go to sleep on a duty room.。”Zhou Ye looks at Henuo,Decided。
His eyes are puzzled,This pity is considered for the name of Henuo.。
And I think of the forces behind her,Zhou Ye, my original compassion suddenly became an uneasiness and fear.。
But how can Li Shouwei, a downstairs??
If you let them know……The general daughter is lying in the dormitory in Zhou Ye.,It is estimated that it will come to the disease area.!
Others may not dare to do,But the military who represents the temper and the military represented behind,Zhou Ye,He is fully able to determine that they have just made such a thing.……
“How do your bodyguards can deal with?。”Zhou Ye is safe for the six disease area,Helplessly ask,He originally wanted to go out to go to the duty room to sleep,This is the case。
But I think about Li Shouwei, I have to bring the consequences of soldiers.,So stopped in place。
Henuo is calm。
I didn’t have to show the kind of people who were unforgettable.:“Do not worry,I said that I have rescued upstairs.,I interviewed one night.,Take it。”
“Then you have inform them.?”Zhou Ye。
Henuo micro channel:“No……Let them stand downstairs.……Originally, I was bother.。”
Zhou Ye suddenly dumb。
This is too good.!3
NS234chapter Abdominal painful flower season
Zhou Ye wore a good protection service, slowly moved to doctors office。
Walk in the ward,He found himself in turn。
Get along with promise,It is really uncomfortable。
Sun Jun ear,When Zhou Yucao arrived at the door,At that time, I had already perceived the arrival of savings.。
Sun Jun got up,Looking at Zhou Ye, I will walk into the doctor’s office.,He is also more excited.:“Xiaomu,You can be back.,I am really inseparable from you.,This doctor is doing.,I want to withdraw my doctor,The result doctor has stopped。The patient’s medical treatment of the hospital in the evening has been messy by me.。”
Medical advice stopped?
That is not to re-open!
Zhou Ye has sighs sighs,It’s really a wolf nest.,The post and I entered the tiger hole.。

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