As a mutual country, a rural rustic, rustic, rising

The orange is growing well.

Rice harvested in front of you is the first cultivated land occupation balance project of Naji Village, which is a village collective economy. The project implemented in January this year. At the beginning of June, the rice is ushered in November. "This project is a drought to change the waterfield project. It is an attempt in our village. Say. "We have continued to harvest for a week, and you can harvest it in a few days. In these years, the people farmers have also have mechanized planting awareness, according to the progress of these days, the daily harvesting machine can harvest 100 bags of grains, if If artificial, the 1-day 100 bags of grains can be completed.

This year has experience, we must expand the planting area next year, try to use mechanization when transit, reduce labor costs, and improve crop farming efficiency. "This year is harvest this year, Li Guangliang is also planning next year. Naji Village has continuously explored the village collective economic road through several years, and the national collective economic income is expected to reach 200,000. More than Yuan. Naji Village has rich natural resources and climate resources, annual average precipitation of 2200 mm, full of rainy, and provides adequate nutrients for natural resources. The forest coverage is%. For many years, the ancestors have been The traditional farming technology of maintaining cattle has become an indispensable "partner" of households. During long-term breeding, farmers have gradually summed up a set of practical cow technology, how to prevent disease, how to feed, and fine Observing the key to the people to raise cows. In recent years, in order to protect the green mountains, the people have turned to the past, and the 66-year-old Li Wenbin likes the gentle cow, cattle 40 years, cow’s preferences, emotions , Physical condition, he looks like it.

"Now, there are more than 50 heads, more than 50 heads, and sell a few days ago. In the past few years, there is more than 100,000 yuan in the annual income of the cattle in these years, the party’s policy is good, the people have crossing the fire.

"Li Wenbin said happily while feeding the arms.

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