Chinese volleyball all-star game ended: volleyball stars perform the most hyun volleyball game

Chinese volleyball all-star game ended: volleyball stars perform the most “hyun” volleyball game
On the 26th, the China Volleyball League All-Star Game ended in Shenzhen Baoan Stadium.This is the return of the volleyball all-star game after nearly 20 years of separation. The Chinese volleyball star celebrities play cross-border and bring a long-lost gift to the fans.  Before the start of the All-Star game, a red carpet show grabbed the lead.In addition to the beautiful Hui Ruoqi, the adorable Zhang Changning, and the handsome Zhang Xiaoya, there are two tall and handsome figures from the Bayi Men’s Volleyball Team, Zhong Weijun and Xu Jingtao, who appeared on the red carpet in military uniforms.The fans screamed.  All-Star Game Xing Chong Photo   It is reported that the All-Star Game, which debuted for many years, introduced the production team of the NBA All-Star Game.In addition to the tense atmosphere of the North-South showdown, the stage effect also made the audience hooked.After the shocking effect of the opening show and the dazzling lights and dancing, the audience was amazed by the huge sound waves.  As the representative of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi, the head of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and Jiang Chuan lifted a glowing volleyball together. This sparkling volleyball seemed to symbolize that the hope of Chinese volleyball was in the hands of players and fans.  The scene of the All-Star game Xing Chong photo    After the glorious history of Chinese volleyball was played on the big screen on the scene, the All-Star players all debuted under the introduction of the host, which once again detonated the emotions of the audience.  In addition to the top local players, this year’s All-Star lineup includes Mihailovich, Cariro, Rurk and other international foreign aid.The game is divided into five rounds: the first two rounds are the men’s volleyball All-Star Game, the latter two rounds are the women’s volleyball All-Star Game, and the third round is the climax of this All-Star weekend-All-Star Mixed Game.  When generations of legendary stars such as Zhang Rongfang, Sun Jinfang, Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Wang Yimei and the new generation of women’s volleyball teams such as Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Yuan Xinyue gathered in the same field, many audiences were cheering and tears were in their eyes.  Zhang Changning performance show Xing Chong photo    Before the third game, Zhang Xiaoya and Cui Xiao performed a ghost step dance.Not long ago, Zhang Xiaoya and the teammates of the Sichuan women’s volleyball team showed their own dancing skills, which caused a burst of exclamation.After the All-Star mixed game, Zhang Changning and the home of the August 1 player Yang Junjing joined hands to sing the song “Together with Old People”.  As an entertainment-based game, the athletes of both sides also opened their minds in the game. There were endless new celebration actions. Zhang Chen also appeared as a female player, which caused a burst of cheers from the audience.In such a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the Northern Stars finally defeated the Southern Stars by 59:47.  排球队员齐聚 邢翀 摄  南方明星队主教练蔡斌荣获最佳人气教练员奖、张晨荣获最佳人气男球星奖、惠若琪荣获最佳人气女球星奖,刘晏含、张晓雅、崔箫Waiting for the athletes to win the best performance award, Fu Qiang, chairman of Sports Window Culture Co., Ltd. and other guests presented awards to the winning coaches and athletes, and awarded commemorative rings to all athletes.(Finish)

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