“amount.”Qiao Shan asked,“How to cooperate?”

When he asked this question,Qin Feng knew,Qiao Shan’s heart is already biased towards cooperation between the two sides。
“Your Qiao family also joined the world!You will mix with me in the future,I will help you defeat the pharmacist,the most important is,Don’t you like Yao Xiaoqin??If the pharmacist loses,Yao Xiaoqin is yours。”
Although this is like capturing an ancient clan,But Qin Feng doesn’t think there is any problem at all。Even this kind of flicker has been fake to the extreme,So Qin Feng thinks that Qiao Shan is likely to really get the bait。
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help adding,“Think about it,This woman actually cheated you,But you don’t want her to be someone else’s bride。Then why not step on your pharmacist,The pharmacist wants you to let it go,I must take the initiative to send Yao Xiaoqin to you。”
The more Qin Feng said, the more wretched he became,It just happened to be in the weakness of Qiao Shan。
“Really can?”Qiao Shan couldn’t help asking。
“Ha ha,Even if it’s really possible, what’s up with you?。You can’t represent the Qiao family,You can’t even persuade the senior Qiao family, right??In my opinion, you must be inferior in the family。”Qin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head。
“you.Who are you?Why do you even know this?You investigated me?But how could things about the ancients be investigated?。Unless you are also from the ancients,But I never heard of Qin in the ancient clan.”
Looking at the young man who has been fooled by himself,Qin Feng couldn’t help but sighed,“Ugh,Forget the past。Now you know how amazing I am?Follow me,Ensure you complete your goals and wishes。of course,I think you can’t represent the Qiao family,It’s impossible to persuade the big man in the Qiao family,But you should have one or two buddies in the family?Call up and mix with me。It’s time to achieve great cause,Do you think people in the family don’t look at you high?”
“This one.”
Qiao Shan began to look closely at Qin Feng,He found that the latter has some qualities of a magic stick,Partial preference image is extremely accurate。
“Tell me first why you know so clearly,After speaking, I will decide whether to call my best friend。”Qiao Shan feels that he is not too brainless,So it’s very good to be able to make such a judgment at this time。He couldn’t help but cheer in his heart,Feel smart。
“Ok,I will look at people’s faces。I think you have the face of a prince and general,It’s a pity that there is a big hurdle。I just want to help you one or two,Wait for you to achieve something later,Can also take care of me one or two。Ugh,what a pity,I had my heart to the bright moon,Helpless moon shines on the ditch.

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