Since as a monarch,Then they don’t have any need to be jealous of officials!

In short,That’s how Liang Houde comforted himself。It’s just that the final result is not satisfactory。When facing this one,He can’t keep his head up。
I really don’t know why Chu Xiao has a strong sense of oppression in front of him,So he can’t even look directly。
“Qin Feng is here,We talked while drinking tea!”
Chu Xiao is very friendly to Qin Feng,This is even more exciting to Liang Houde。
“Why,How good is Qin Feng??Why do you both value him so much?Is it because he is the illegitimate son of the Chief Chief??”Liang Houde shouted。
But he just finished speaking,A person appeared behind,Then punch here
Child’s head。
“Liang Houde,Are you drunk??Actually said this?Liang Guodong has never even married a wife in my life,You actually said I have an illegitimate child?Are you slandering me??I don’t think I have enough work,Do you have to trouble me??”I don’t know when the chief executive will come back,But not long after entering the door, I heard Liang Houde saying this,Of course he is angry。
Just as he said,While looking at Qin Feng,I can’t help but mutter in my mouth,“Do I have a similar look with this bastard??Why does Liang Houde think you are my illegitimate child?”
“you ask me?I know it!Young people these days like brain supplements!”Qin Feng shrugged and spread his hands,After all, he also looked confused,I don’t know how I was named an illegitimate child。
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Chapter Three Seventy Four Zhang Qiang declares war

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