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“Yes,That’s it,”Chen Geng nodded:“But on the way to Moscow,I reorganized my thinking,I think what we need is not an engine,But a series of engines。”
A series of engines?
Chen Geng said this,Yuri·Kravchenko and Nikolai·Malinkov was taken aback at the same time,Only Kelly·Hicks,There is still no change in expression。
“Yes,A series,Divided into different versions for military and civilian use,”Chen Geng nodded again,Explained:“I discussed carefully with my experts,I think we want to make one engine meet both military and civilian needs,It’s too hard,Such as military engines,The sensitive response needed、Instant output characteristics and good response characteristics at various heights,The civil engine needs to have good fuel economy,Although both military and civilian engines are also highly responsive、Fuel economy is required,But the focus of military engines and civilian engines is different。
If you want a single engine to meet both military and civilian needs,That means this engine can fully meet the needs of the military,It’s not good enough for civilian use。”
Yuri·Kravchenko felt that he understood what Chen Geng meant。
First907chapter Engine first
Although I realized that money is not easy to get,But the problem is Nikolai·Malinkov didn’t plan to return the money to Chen Geng,He frowned,Puzzled way:“Fernandez,my friend,You do……It seems unnecessary?”
“This is what I am going to say next,”To Nicholas·Malinkov’s reaction had long been expected by Chen Geng,Said with a smile:“If all we want to do is a trainer,Of course it is not necessary,But Nicholas,Yuri,Don’t forget,The trainer is only basic,Later, we will also introduce basic light combat models and ground attack models to the international market.,Based on this realistic need,Do you think that the maximum thrust of a single unit using two units is only16.78Subsonic aircraft,Is that enough?”
“not enough”Nicola·Marinkov and Yuri·Kravchenko speaks,Chen Geng said loudly:“It’s not enough!Since it is a light fighter,2Tons of maximum weapon load、600A combat radius of kilometers and1.4Maximum flight speed of Mach and not higher than MiG—21The price of is already the minimum requirement?Under this realistic demand,Do you think this level of motivation is enough?”
Nicholas·Marinkov and Yuri·Kravchenko did not speak,In my heart, I started to think about Chen Geng’s words.:
Indeed Fernandez·What Chen said,If the Soviet Union only plans to build a jet advanced trainer,The maximum thrust of two single units can reach16.78A thousand-nine engine is enough,But as an international market、To make money for the Soviet Union、In the future, light combat models will be developed“All-rounder”Advanced trainer,This level of power is obviously not enough。
And as Fernandez said,As a light fighter,If you cannot have supersonic flight capability……Isn’t that nonsense!
Say so,No matter from which point of view,The existing power is not enough——The power of the basic trainer is no problem,But there is no way to meet the power demand of future derivative models,And as the power of a light fighter,Having an afterburner is also inevitable。
I want to understand this layer,Nicholas·Malinkov breathed a sigh of relief:When the Soviet Military Equipment Industry Committee asked,I have something to say。

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