First1909chapter Press the gourd and lift the scoop
Wang Youcai opened his eyes,I found myself lying on the hospital bed。The monitor on top of the head hums tirelessly,And the pain in my left shoulder is unspeakable。He can’t remember,What’s wrong with myself。
“Brother Wang woke up?”Wu Wu appeared from nowhere。Wang Youcai turned his neck slightly。Only then did he discover,There are a lot of people in the ward。
Dad Wang Degui,Chen Yueqin,And sister-in-law Song Fang,The other is Wu Wu and a few nurses。The strange thing is that there are two policemen。
“What’s wrong with me?”Wang Youcai was anxious,The brain quickly turned。He slowly remembered。The door of Beauty International,And taxi…
Chen Yueqin came over,Silence the voice,Said with a choked voice:“child!Your fate is so big,But it’s okay,The doctor said,Badly injured,But it doesn’t matter where it hurts,Just rest for a few days”
I didn’t die,Wang Youcai’s hanging heart was let go,He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。The pain in my shoulder came over,Made him frown。
The two policemen saw that Wang Youcai woke up,So I made a note。Everyone knows,Which three people who fell to death in the taxi were inter-provincial fugitives,I didn’t expect to be planted in Wang Youcai’s hands。
If Wang Youcai didn’t use any crooked brains at the time,Directly on the high speed,I don’t know what it will end up like。But fortunately, the tires of the taxi burst a bit in time,Otherwise, it’s a delay,Can’t keep on。
Out of danger,Everyone was relieved。Especially Wang Degui and his wife,The whole person seems to be a few years old in an instant。Song Fang is very relaxed,What she does is her own duty。
Wang Youcai glanced at these people,I beckoned Wu Wu to approach,Then whispered:“You tell Xu Lihong to come and wait for me,The rest can go back”
It didn’t take long for Wu Wu to quit,Xu Lihong walked into the ward dressed very sexy。This woman Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin both know。which year,Wang Youcai tried to fool his parents,And brought Xu Lihong home for the New Year。
Of course Xu Lihong also knows Wang Youcai’s parents,But on this occasion,She walked straight to Wang Youcai’s hospital bed,Didn’t say hello to anyone in the ward。

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