“Do you know which building it is??”

“I do not know then,Track this kind of thing,I can’t follow that close, right?,Anyway, I know he was kicked out of the house by his wife,Live in this community now,Regular entry and exit,It’s just not as stylish as before。”Wang San said。
“Ok,I know,Not bad,Your work efficiency is getting higher and higher now。”Fang Na didn’t forget to praise Wang San two words,Gave him two packs of good cigarettes。
“Row,Sister Na,I’ll leave when it’s okay。”
“Go。”After Wang San left,Fang Na is sitting at the gate of the community,Until night,Ye Boping came out,Go to the night market to eat,Fang Na secretly followed him。
Ye Boping went to a stall and sat down,I ordered food and two bottles of beer。
“Hello there,College Students。”Fang Na sat across from Ye Boping,Greet him with a smile。
“Fang Na。”Ye Boping was surprised to see the person sitting opposite,Mouth opened up involuntarily。
201 The recorder is easy to use
“thank you for remembering me。”Fang Na smiled slightly。
Ye Boping looked Fang Na up and down,“Ha ha,Congratulations,Looks good。”
“Me,Of course the more mixed the better,But you don’t seem to mix well。”Fang Na’s tone is full of mockery。
“Sorry,I have a wife,have kids,Have company,I let you down,I mix well。”Ye Boping raised his chin,Speak proudly。
“Correct,These you do have,But it’s a pity,I know that you are about to lose it,Seeing to have nothing,Ugh,It looks like we are going back to the era of eating dried buns every day,I am sympathetic。”

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