What about the details,Can I break my trick??

Peak Daojun has his own tricks,Palace Master Li Xing killed an emperor with three swords,King of Light’s speed against the sky,The Star King easily splits the nine avatars into 70% combat power,Xingyun Palace Master’s hands and feet under the cloud field。
Li Ming Three Forces in One,That’s my own strength。
There is nothing to keep secret from Emperor Jinyu, who is also an immortal palace of the Dao League.。
“Not bad!”
See Li Ming admit,Emperor Jinyu nodded again and again,Direct control prohibition,Blocked the main hall of the Immortal Palace of the Dao League。
“Ming Daoyou,I use formations to isolate the inside and outside of the main hall,Even the three big masters didn’t take the patience to watch。The reason for this,But the things that fellow Taoists and I said afterwards are too important,Remember not to spread。”
“What the emperor said,But my method of combining mind and mana?”
“Not bad!”Emperor Jinyu said:“There are things I shouldn’t explore,But it matters,I don’t know if your friends practiced this method of combining mind and mana,Is self-made,Still learned a great way?”
If you have learned a lot,It’s like practice in the past《Heart Swordsmanship》Accomplished practitioner,Strength may be raised to a level。The final achievement may be the master level of the normal holy city。
If it is a self-made method,Then the potential is even greater,Might be comparable to the master。
Paused,Emperor Jinyu said again:“of course,This is the secret of fellow Taoists,It doesn’t hurt if you don’t say it,But if the Daoist answers truthfully,My Dao League Immortal Palace has special training for practitioners who practice the Three Forces in One Method.。”
Emperor Jinyu was right,There are indeed some special training—He just set。

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