683 Who else

Straight punch、Uppercut、Back swing、Side kick、Flying kick……
Chen Xiu hits every punch、Every kick is accompanied by a wailing,Twenty people were already lying underground in a while。
“Who else!”
Chen Xiu was also on fire right now,I tore off my shirt to reveal the muscles of a hardcover,Although there are hundreds of people around him,But the hundreds of people who were crushed by his aura turned out to step back several steps.。
Guo Qilin’s assistant is also an experienced person who has seen killing people many times,This is the first time I saw that I could hit people,The hand holding the walkie-talkie can’t help but tremble slightly。
“Fifty people,on!”
Fifty people,A one hundred catties weighs 2.5 tons,These 2.5 meals are enough to crush Chen Xiu,He doesn’t believe that Chen Xiu can really fight one enemy after another.!
Fifty people roared out,Rushing towards Chen Xiu。
As the assistant thought,If fifty people came over at the same time,No matter how strong Chen Xiu is, he can’t fight the strength of fifty people,But these fifty people are not commanded by the same brain,Their speed is fast and slow,This will give Chen Xiu enough room to deal with,The person who can really attack Chen Xiu is only the third in the periphery.、Only five people。
This time Chen Xiu decided to fight more violently,Not showing mercy,It directly breaks the arm of a person from the front,Let it roll on the painful ground。After all, there are still hundreds of people after this round,Must give the opponent enough deterrence。
A fat man of more than 200 catties wanted to hug Chen Xiu from behind,It was his hair buckle that was lifted high and hit the crowd directly,This smash hit several people,One of them is the head hitting the fat man’s head together,Suddenly it was like two watermelons colliding with blood、Leave a place for brains。
The besieged people were intimidated by Chen Xiu’s violent methods,Are still clamoring,Only the foot dare not move forward。
Chen Xiu jumped into the sheep like a hungry wolf,Wherever you go,Just two minutes and thirty seconds,Fifty people fell on the ground,At the same time there is a place of blood,And the sad cry of crying wolf howling。
“Assistant Huang,This is not the way。”
The rogue leader Fei walked to Guo Qilin to the assistant and whispered:“You also saw,It’s not that my brother doesn’t try his best,This kid is so fierce!”
“What do you say?”

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