But hesitated,She still decided to listen to Li with the wind.。

Ye Shuangzhou heard Li Hui Fengpuo,There are some 昧 来 来。
“I thought you were Liu Xianhui.,It is also a good color.,Ha ha”“Forehead,Leaf big brother,I have never said that I am not colorful.,Just I am a responsible, good color.,Under normal circumstances, I don’t want to go to the family.。”
So that Zhao Xiaoling is not your proactive?”
I heard the rushing rouse and mention this topic again.,Li Hui is also speechless:“I am not good at this,It should be my take-off.!”
“Since you are your proactive,Why don’t you collect people??
I feel that you want to open,People will definitely agree,After all, you have a strong youth here too.。”
“It is your situation in the big city.,What’s more?。”
“Leaf big brother,Can we not say this?,Let’s talk about the problem of wine.,Ling Sister followed the edge,After all, some things can’t be reluctant,If it is reluctant,People will definitely feel my heart.。”
Li Hui said with the wind and said to pick up the wine altar.。
Ye Shuangzhou is laughing behind:“You don’t charge others,People will hate you?,You don’t have the same as me.,I am a romantic,Bright flowers are not smashed,And those small flowers are also known for my character.,I am purely playing.。”
“But you are in the flowers.,Everything wants to pick。”
I heard the ridicule of the leaves of the leaves.,Li Hui is smirk。
“I can not have a strong quality.,I always feel that people are responsible for people.,Either you don’t bully people。”
“Hey-hey,So your responsible youth is still better than Zhao Xiaoling.,Although you can’t give her perfect marriage,But it can be perfect for her love.,So, she is also dead, with you.,Who is not?”
Analysis of the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui Feng did not think。
“Leaf big brother,I really haven’t considered these these.,I am trust she can do it, let her dry.,If you say this,Then I still people??
I feel that I use people.。”
“alright, alright,I know that you can’t do it out.,Anyway, you have an idea yourself.,Don’t hurt people’s hearts.,It also lost a general。”
Say this,Ye Shuangzhou is beginning to urinate。
“Done yet,I want to see how you drink your wine.。”
Two people in the holidays talk about other things。
Zhao Xiaoling also left quietly。
Just leave,Her mouth is full of happiness smiles。
Think about the words of your own sister,Think about these words that Li speaks from the wind,She feels that there is no marriage.,It’s not a love for love.。
Chapter 116 Shen Tian Si’s mobilization problem
At the very least, Li Hui Feng is purely with her feelings.,No other thoughtful。
Before she felt that Li Fa will not use her.,So will be with her。
But what I just listened,She knows that Li Hui is a man who is a person in charge.。
But think of Li Hui’s character,She feels necessary to listen to Li Hui’s other girlfriends.,If you can do a good relationship,After all, Li Hui’s character is easy to become another woman’s object.。
And Li Hui is a responsible person.,It may be true that it will become the class of Sixth Hospital of Sixth Hospital.,These are not what she wants to see.。
Li Hui is not known that Zhao Xiaoling will hear these words that he talk to Ye Shuangzhou tonight.。
It is because of these words,But Zhao Xiaoling has changed great changes to his opinion.,Some of the same years of no shy days,He is also thoroughly understood a lot.。
In-hospital,Ye Shuangzhou gently picked up Li Hui’s hand over wine,Then I took a small mouth。
That kind of entrance is soft,Irrigation,The feeling of fire in the belly allows the leaves to say three good words.。

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